20 June 2007

Gold award at Cannes

I'm very pleased to say that an ad campaign for Tide Ultra detergent for which I produced the 3D artwork has won a Gold Lion award in the Outdoor category at the Cannes International Advertising Awards 2007. You can see the other winners at the Cannes Lions website.

These ads were used on billboards and in print in the US and consisted of thousands of posed characters. I'll be adding high-res versions to my site gallery soon.


  1. hi Congratulations. I found your blog and site by the Cannes Lions credit list. May I ask how much time you spent working on this? (If it's not some trade secrets.)

  2. Hi 小魚

    Thanks - no trade secret. It took quite a long time to complete (I'm talking many weeks work on an off), mainly because the form of the ad changed considerably during production and several different versions were produced (quite inefficient really). The software I used (Cinema 4D + Mograph) made it easier to make changes though, but I was still working at the capacity of my systems most of the time.

  3. Just saw the files on the C4D site. Jaw dropping and a very clever use of Mograph. I've posted them on my digital scrapbook blog but if that's a problem I'll delete them. Conratulations on your award. Very well deserved