15 August 2006

New Photoshop tutorial in Advanced Photoshop Magazine

I've written a Photoshop tutorial for Advanced Photoshop Magazine published by Imagine that's s just about to hit the streets. It's Issue number 21 and the tutorial is based around the fashion & beauty shoot I did with Luqman (scroll down this page and you'll see the image of the girl with the glass wings in an earlier post). I won't of course mention that they said it was 'one of the finest tutorials in the mag so far' as modesty prevents, but if you want more of the same you know where to go...

PC Graphics cards DO NOT work in Apple Mac Pro

Well, it's dissapointing but I've just tried around 7 PC graphics cards in the new Intel Apple Mac Pro and none of them worked in OS X (though I've yet to try them with Boot Camp and Windows installed). Most of the cards were recognised in the System Profiler as display devices and some had the manufacturor name (eg ATI) as well as other info but I could get no display signal from them. Three of the ATI cards displayed the cryptic 'Kernel Extention not loaded' in System Profiler possibly suggesting that OS X itself is hamstrung so you can't use the cards (this is a pure guess as I admit I don't really understand these things at a core OS/driver level).

Cards tested included:
Quadro FX4500 (Nvidia-based)
X1900 (ATI-based)
ATI V3400
ATI V5200
ATI V7350
FX 3500 (Nvidia-based)

I will be checking the cards again with Boot Camp as well as taking some grabs of the profiler info. I'll post more info and pics on my site so book mark it and check back soon...


08 August 2006

Apple Mac Pro...PC graphics cards????

Apple have finally anounced the replacement for the PowerMac G5, the Intel-based Mac Pro. It's basically the same case as the G5 but fairly different on the inside. Best of all its a Quad Xeon system (2x Dual Core Xeon 'Woodcrest' chips) runing at 2.0, 2.66 or 3.0 Ghz each. Mine is on order and will arrive shortly but it's interesting to note that with the Intel chipset there's the possability that PC graphics cards will work in the new systems. Currently you can order them from Apple with either Nvidia Geforce 7300, ATI X1900 or Nvidia FX4500 cards... full specs here.

I happen to be writing a graphics card round up for a UK magazine so I'll have about 9 or so PC graphics cards to test in a Windows machine. Will any of them work in the Mac Pro stright out of the box... stay tuned and I'll tell you! Results will be posted on simondanaher.com.