19 October 2009

All new simondanaher.com site is up!

At long last and without fanfare the all new simondanaher.com site is now up. It's clean, it's light, should be fairly quick to load and based on the flash/javascript photo gallery called Imagin which has the excellent property of making it extremely easy to update and modify. There are still some bugs here and there (fullscreen works best if enabled first from the main Gallery menu before viewing any images) and it's optimised for screens of 1280x1024 and up, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

19 December 2008

Everyone's favourite, an exploding lightbulb...

For UK Magazine 3D World

Image for Wired magazine

To illustrate the new NY streetlamp design. This is a different angle that the one they chose, but I prefer it.

30 November 2008

An apple a day...

More New Scientist illos...